The Revolution is Nike? Staying fit in a epoch of ‘Big Running’

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Photo: Lindsay Kobayashi

Two nights ago, we ran a Nike ‘We Own a Night’ 10 kilometre run in London, United Kingdom.  ‘We Own a Night’ is targeted during women, enlivening health and aptness in a protected and non-competitive environment.






'We Own a Night' competition rigging | Photo: Lorena Fuentes

‘We Own a Night’ competition rigging | Photo: Lorena Fuentes

What’s a movement? Well, it’s about being a healthy and fit runner, where we are also empowered as a lady by using during night time.  And of course, it’s about wearing Nike while we do it.  Is this a bad thing?  At a time when miss of earthy activity and a widespread of overweight and plumpness is one of a biggest tellurian health concerns, a increasing recognition of using events like ‘We Own a Night’ could be a certain pointer for amicable trends in activity.

Pre-race organization shot | Photo: Lindsay Kobayashi

Pre-race organization shot | Photo: Yegee Lee

I rolled adult to Victoria Park in London with my dual womanlike friends who cajoled me into entering, and we marvelled during a watertight organization of a event.  There competence as good have been hulk neon Nike signs directing us to a park.  In some places, there unequivocally were.  Bright immature and purple (the competition colours) lights bright a trees heading adult to a park.  Feeling like lemmings, we assimilated a solid tide of girls dressed in neon spandex and a matching bluish competition t-shirt that we were all educated to wear.  We checked a rigging bags, danced around to a DJ already spinning beats from a large festival stage, and went to comfortable up.

At this point, we began to realize that this eventuality was not about using during all.  It was about Nike creation money, capitalizing on a sermon of empowerment and health for women by partaking in ‘We Own a Night’.  On a approach to comfortable up, we upheld dual girls embellished out in their competition gear, downing ice cream from a food carts – with 15 mins to go before a competition start.  Everyone was gnawing pics with a Nike branding cleared over a park and checking out a offered and print ops in a Elle tent (a co-sponsor of a event).

Aside from us and one waste masculine curtain – no one out of a 10,000 entrants warmed adult on a park’s lane specifically designed for running.

An dull using lane during warm-up time

An dull using lane during warm-up time | Photo: Lindsay Kobayashi

Instead, there was an central warm-up, where instructors embellished out in Nike rigging on a categorical theatre led a organization by a array of aerobics.  Ok, a warm-up is good… But given when have gymnastics been a credentials plan for prolonged stretch running?  When was a final time we saw Mo Farah do gymnastics before channel a start line of a 10k race?  we know a inlet of a organization eventuality that includes all aptness levels, though if Nike unequivocally wanted to commission women to start and continue to embody using in their lifestyles, maybe they should take divided a pre-race ice cream transport and learn us how to scrupulously comfortable adult for a using stretch that requires a ethereal mix of speed and endurance.

The start line | Photo: Yegee Lee

The start line | Photo: Yegee Lee

And how was a competition itself? It was mostly great.  The march was clearly marked, useful volunteers were everywhere, and there were H2O stations and live song during several points.  The turn of organisation, ebullient of a energy Nike has to chuck around, was a good advantage to being during corporate event.  At a finish line, we all perceived a custom-made necklace by a London designer, Alex Monroe.  Monroe designs trinket for Liberty London, who also has a partnership with Nike.  The necklace was gorgeous.  we overheard many women shouting while citing a necklace as their categorical reason for entering.  Is that a right form of proclivity for exercise?  Let’s not forget that Nike wants us (Londoners in particular) to squeeze from their Nike X Liberty Collection and this run was a primary eventuality for advertising.  They have a income to spend on these necklaces if it generates destiny purchasing and code loyalty, as I’m certain it will.

And what about feeling empowered, in a initial place as being a lady who runs, though also as a lady using during night time?  Does ‘Owning a Night’ meant that I’m a strong, determined, goal-achieving, and maybe even a feminist woman? If it means that I’ve only participated in a big-branded eventuality that featured using in further to vital product chain underneath a gossamer sermon of empowerment and fitness, afterwards not during all.  But sure, it can be about empowerment (and we would not contend womanlike empowerment, though rather jaunty empowerment), if ‘Owning a Night’ is about completing, or attack a personal best for a 10k run.  And that’s all it needs to be.  As a unchanging curtain who’s finished several long-distance races in a past, we didn’t feel like this was a outrageous miracle for me.  But, we do remember how delightful and lenient it was when we initial began running.  Discovering how distant your physique can go is a high that’s totally indescribable.  I’m certain that many women felt that approach on Saturday, and that is a good thing.

The necklace | Photo: Lindsay Kobayashi

The necklace | Photo: Lindsay Kobayashi

Running doesn’t need to be so branded.  To be active and healthy, we don’t need to be inbred to enterprise a latest Nike Free boots or Nike+ SportWatch, or generally any of a women’s attire from a ‘Own a Night’ Boutique (yes, it exists, and we were all speedy to go offered there before a race).  Running is one of a many permitted forms of practice out there – all we need are boots and cement and you’re set.  If some-more people ran, a race would suffer impossibly aloft levels of health and well-being.  It’s critical to not get tied adult in a sermon of feeling fit and empowered since a branding creates we feel that way, rather than since we are indeed removing fit and achieving goals.  Of course, a dual things aren’t jointly disdainful – corporate sponsorship and entertainment have left palm in palm for years.

But, a bottom line stays that Nike, among all other brands, only wants us to buy their stuff.  It’s tenable that there are many larger evils than offered fitness, though that’s a whole other conversation.  Of course, Nike does do positive, action-based things – they reason races this like one, organize using clubs, present to charities, and yield training plans, though that’s also partial of their selling strategy.  If we exercise, we are also a consumer and a bottom line of large companies like Nike is always to distinction from you.  Don’t get me wrong, ‘We Own a Night’ was good fun and noted event.  I will substantially squeeze from Nike in a future, and we am really going to wear my Alex Monroe/Nike branded necklace.  we only exclude to accept a pointed selling thought that I need Nike (or any other large brand) to be an empowered, healthy, and fit individual.  We need to be wakeful of a outcome branding can have on us, generally when it comes to health.  Focus on feeling empowered, healthy, and fit since it comes from within we and what we do, rather than from shopping into a code that sells we that image.

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